AWAY: The Navajo Rocket Story

Title: AWAY

Directer: Producer: Creator:


The Dezbah Family:

Din’eh Dezbah – The Navajo rocket scientist

Raven Dezbah – The troubled teen turned American Army Soldier

Lilly Dezbah – The single mother and teacher at the Private Catholic School

Grandma Dezbah – The weaver


The Peshlekai Family:

Kia Peshlekai – The Navajo water scientist

Joseph Peshlekai – The ceremonial drummer

Thomas Peshlekai – The Medicine Roadman

Anne Peshlekai – Nurse at the Hospital


The School Administrators:

Principal Dorothy Teresa

Father Donald Petosi

The Nurse


The Police & Government Agency:

Special Agent John Fitzgerald

Lieutenant Oliver Grant


The Missing School Children:

Gabriel Xavier Sanchez

Uriel Elizabeth Cooper

Raphael Shafath

Michael Black-Bear



Navajo Reservation Life:

Poverty / Oppression

Depression / Suicide

Heavy Metal Subculture

DIY Culture

Navajo Culture


Science & Education:


Private Catholic School Experience

University School Experience


Spiritual Warfare:

Navajo Philosophy

Catholicism & Christianity

Witchcraft & Black Magic

Eastern vs. Western Paradigms


Story Events:

Missing Children & The School Bus

ARMY Bootcamp

Battle in Afghanistan

The Block Party

The University Protests

The NASA Competition

The Art Show


Historical, Spiritual, Cultural, and Hidden Themes:

Navajo Creation Story

Biblical Creation Story

The Black Plague / The Plague In America



The Four Films

Film 1: Away: The Children of the Sun

The Golden Hour

Running Away


Film 2: Away: The Children of the Moon

Din’eh & The Eternal Flame

The Fox & The Wolf

The Concrete Jungle

Secret Societies

The Mind VS. The Machine

The Black Hole


Film 3: Away: The Children of the Sky

The Golden City & Other Dimensions

Gabriel VS. The Great Unknown

Din’eh & The Revolution of the Sun

Uriel & The Gates of Heaven

Michael & The Battle of the Sun

The Children of the Sky & The Gods of the Universe


Film 4: Away: The Children of The Earth

Interactive Learning Module:

The Book of Faith: Science of Mind, Perception, & Reality

The Book of Love: Science of Emotion, Art, & Healing

The Book of Life: Science of Survival, History, & Resources

The Book of Death: Science of Science & Faith

The Children of the Earth & A’way


Inspirational Video & Film



Native Stereotypes in Film

“A nation that does not know its history, has no future.”



Articles on Native Film

Wind River & Native American Roles in Film

Native American Filmmakers and Films
















The Personal Story: Who do you think you are?

“I am strings of music, rocks, water, slowly falling snow, and blue and orange suns. I have an exterior of mountain meadows and the surface of a lake and morning frost. Inside, I am cave of space; where the sun revolves around the deepest secrets of the universe. If I knew in fact who I really was, I would know the truths of the world, of the life I have never been shown, the full measure of the unknown unknown.” (Balthazaar, 2018)

“I am free. I have traveled to places I’ve never known. I’ve tasted the secrets of the earth, and rejoice in my faith of the new frontier. I am alive and I will always be happy to know that the mysterious nature of the world will always frazzle and dazzle those lucky enough to experience it. I am a traveler, a lover, a nerd, and a warrior. From east to west, north to south, up & below, may all my ancestors guide me and future generations to the sky.” (Dezbah, 2018)

“I am never the same, nor am I willing to change. I will stand up for my beliefs and I will protect those who are my friends and family. It is a blessing to live in this time and place. Whatever is in my path, I will either bring to it life and a dream, or I will carry forward with a passion so divine and fierce, even my enemies will become my allies towards the fight for love.” (Raven, 2018)

“I am the river.”

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