SMART Competition

Science Competition

The Experiment Project (High School-College) ***

Science Trivia (K-12) **

Nature Competition

Identifying Animals, Plants, & Landscapes (K-College) **

Survivor (High School-College) **

Math Competition

Middle School: Geometry & Trigonometry **

High School: Calculus & Statistics **

Logic Competition

Riddle Me This (Middle School, High School, College) *

Science Vs. Religion (High School, College) **

Art Competition

Creative Work (Public Votes, All Grades) ***

Battle of The Bands (Middle School, High School, College) **

Design Competition

Scientific Drawing (All Grades) ***

Website Design (High School) **

Reading Competition

Spy Detective (All Grades) *

Writing Competition

Poetry Slam (Middle School, High School, College) ***

Storytelling (All grades) **

Technology Competition

Computer & Robotics (High School, College) **

Engineering Competition

Egg Drop (Middle School, High School) *

Mousetrap (Middle School, High School) *

Bridge Building (All Grades) *

Bottle Rocket (Middle School) **

High Powered Rocket (High School, College) ***


Types of Awards Available:

*** Scholarship- scholarships, grants, and money for school. Includes additional prizes

** Sponsor- vary, individually awarded by sponsors

*School- vary, awarded by each individual school

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