Ceremonial Spirit Masks

Ceremonial masks are used in healing, magic, telling of various creation stories, both spiritual and scientific. For observers, these masks might be seen as mysterious or even terrifying; however, the intentions of the mask wearer are greater than just acts of good or evil. Like most indigenous and traditional practices, masks are used for a sincere purpose.

Mask wearers are bound in responsibilities that include acts of love, faith, and hope.

Fear & faith are two fundamental juxtaposing principles that underline the spiritual realm. However, it is the overcoming of fear that the individual can more effectively accomplish their goals in life. The symbolism of masks, if not viewed as anything more, is the ability to conceal ones identity from the external environment.

“In nonliterate as well as in highly civilized cultures, (masks are_ expressions of the presence of supernatural entities. The person wearing the mask feels internally transformed and takes on temporarily the qualities of the god or demon represented by the mask.” (p. 218, Symbolism)


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